Fresh Snow

Fall Semester ended a few days before Christmas and now Winter Session has started. There have been a lot of goodbyes here at AIU as the single-term students head home and the long term students head out to travel. Now most of us have collected back here, with a few new additions, to take classes over the winter break.

I traveled myself for a week, starting on Christmas day, with my friend C. We saw the sights and then parted ways in Tokyo. She’s starting an internship in Kawagoe near the capital while we start classes here. I had a lot of fun traveling with her, and I wish her well–her internship is going to being really challenging.

Here at AIU, we’ve mostly settled in for the winter. The snow is already thigh-deep. The six and seven foot snow poles that line the roads and walkways don’t seem quite so funny anymore. The people who are having the hardest time are our new students. They have just arrived from Egypt and they told us they were swimming outside last month. I can hardly believe it. I’m having fun in the snow–when I don’t get stuck, that is. I love it a lot. I think it’s more snow than I’ve ever seen before. In the same that Akita weather is always rainy, it’s vaguely snowing everyday here. Last week, I took out my garbage and in the few hours I’d been inside it the sky dropped a foot of powder snow. The weather is pretty mild however; it never gets too cold here. Nonetheless, Japanese buildings don’t really have central heating, so I’ve been staying in my cozy dorm, getting over a cold and knitting.

Today marks the second day of winter classes. All I’m taking is a Japanese language class because the schedule is so intense. We meet for 8 hours a week! However, I much prefer my current teacher over my last one and I am much more motivated to study.

That’s the past month in a nutshell. I’m working on several projects, and among them, hopefully I’ll be able to add more stories of my time here and more interesting facts about Japan.


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