The university is gearing up to put on its biggest show of the year, the AIU Festival.  On Sunday and Monday, regular university activities shut down (literally-Wednesday is the first day of classes next week) and invite in the community to celebrate.  Here in Japan, this is the second semester of the year, so students and clubs have been waiting for this for months.  Ever since the full-time students returned, festival preparations have been everywhere.  All day long the student hall is busy.  During the daylight, students have craft projects out–making posters, assembling creatures from pop cans.  At night the crafts are usually pushed aside to make way for dancers.  When it gets dark outside, the dancers fill up the first and second floors of the student hall, the second floor of Lecture Building D, and anywhere else with full length windows.  Since there’s no dance studio here, they use the window reflections to practice.  Sometimes in the athletic park you see dance groups instead of basketball teams using the court.

I’m so excited for this festival!  I even wish I had bought a sweatshirt because everyone seems to have one.  Every club seems to be preparing something!  The music studio is booked all hours of the day.  There are going to be performances, informational boothes, food vendors (run by students), plays, bands, a freeze mob, triva contests, couple contests, karaoke contests.  The school administrators warned us that on Sunday there would be 500 visitors from all over the country for the open campus event, and I imagine Monday will be similar.


I am only involved with a few activites.  On Saturday, I’m going to help some Czech students prepare potatoes and cabbage.  On Sunday I’m going to be doing a shift at an informational booth where I tell about my country.  A little later I’m going to be participating in the freeze mob (should be lots of fun).  And I’m very proud of my friends, Titus and K. who have put together a band in the last few weeks and will be performing on Monday!  I’m excited to finally find out what the name of the band is.  (And grateful that they let me drop out of it.  ❤ friends)


This is AIU’s big event–so big that we have Tuesday off to clean up/sleep!  Speaking up which: hurry up and end festival.  My roommate came home at 7:30 am today and left fifteen minutes later.  She seemed very genki, but when I came back from class at 10:30, she was sleeping, and by noon she had gone again.  So many Japanese students are living like this this week.  It’s really terrible.


Stayed tuned for more AIU Festival news!


Japanese word of the day : matsuri / まつり  (maht-su-ree) noun: festival, especially traditional ones; probably does not apply to school events.


2 responses

  1. Kathy

    So, buy a sweatshirt! It’s almost your birthday–you deserve a treat!

    October 7, 2010 at 1:50 pm

  2. Sadly, I don’t think I can. They were something you had to buy in advance. I didn’t think they looked very good until I saw them in person. So it’s probably too late.

    October 7, 2010 at 2:07 pm

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