It is definitely あつい (hot) here.  Google says it’s about 87º and 72% humidity, but I don’t think it seems that hot.  Standing in a crowd or staying still too long, you definitely notice the temperature, but if you’re moving, it feels fine.  It doesn’t seem nearly as oppresive as it did at home.  Sure, if you walk into the sunlight, you immediately break out into sweat, but people just seem to be used to it.

Took the Japanese Placement Test this morning.  The first part was grammar, vocab, and basic writing/recognition ability, and I did about as well on that as I expected.  I think Sensei would have placed in 201 for what I was able to do.  The listening comp. was…more confusing than I anticpated.  I understood the examples and the first few, but I couldn’t understand the last questions well enough to understand which answer to be looking for.  The reading section was the same–the first reading was about cafeteria and store lunches, seasonal vegetables, and deliciousness, but I had NO idea the question was.  I couldn’t understand any of the words.  Several people said the same thing–they didn’t know what questions were asking.  The rest of the readings had so much kanji they were incomprensible.

Everyone thought the test went badly, the test was supposed to get progressively harder, and I did what I knew pretty well.  So…

Japanese word of the day:  atsui / あつい  (aht-sue-ee)  hot temperature


2 responses

  1. Angela

    That test sounds awful but at least everyone seems to be in the same boat. Does your dorm have a/c?

    August 27, 2010 at 1:03 pm

  2. Kathy

    Ha! I bet all the unusual heat and humidity at home this summer had your body already acclimated for Japan’s summer weather.

    When do you get the results of your placement test?

    August 27, 2010 at 1:04 pm

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